Company Profile:

FISMA has been manufacturing top-quality exhaust systems and different accessories for Motorcycle, Stationary and Agricultural Engines since 1957. As a natural consequence of its steadily growing success, in the late 70’ the Company felt the need to expand and founded a second plant: FISMA S.r.l.

offices and production plants

The long co-operation with the affectionate customers and the continuous effort towards innovation and technology allowed the present high quality standard of the complete production line, named FISMA. FISMA could gain its present leading role on the market also thanks to:presse.jpg (16935 bytes)

  • high investments in computer aided machinery
  • up-to-date production control units
  • the exclusive use of special top-quality materials

high-tech developmentThe Research and Development Department can set up any part according to the customers’ needs on their drawings or samples. The products go through all different production stages under strict control until they are finally delivered to all major Manufacturing Companies for their original equipment and to the most important aftermarket distributors.

converters.jpg (13719 bytes)Fisma has been in the forefront of the catalytic technology applied to two stroke engines for scooters and motorcycles for several years. We are suppliers of the major manufacturers in the Swiss market, where the catalytic exhaust has been a reality for years.